Install xbmc on Apple TV 2

1: Theres plenty of guides to jailbreak the ATV2 , I used this one

2: I would recommend to install XBMC from the repo how to here first if you haven’t already done so

3: To Play MKV files & 720p video & plugins such as BBC iPlayer and TVCatchup you will need the latest build of XBMC.

to do this

open a terminal on mac or Linux


ssh root@ (REPLACE IP with your ATV’s ip)
enter password when prompted

you get the prompt
Apple-TV: root#

type cd /var/mobile

now download the xbmc


Once thats downloaded run the install

dpkg -i latest_atv2.deb

Your apple tv will restart once thats installed

Now to download the latest tv catch up & or iplayer



once you downloaded those.

open XBMC >> System >> add-ons >> install from zip (the /var/mobile directory is default.

Now finally to block the ATV from checking for updates do.

cp /etc/hosts /etc/hosts.bak

now each of the lines below

echo “” >> /etc/hosts

echo “” >> /etc/hosts

echo “” >> /etc/hosts




For those that want to install the latest eden builds

get the deb links from here to use with wget

build from dec 10th works just fine on 4.1 (I havent had the need to update since its mainly an iPlayer & xbmc box for me)


edit (1/1/2012)

seasonpass has been updated to  untethered version 4.4.4

see here: 

I have updated & it works fine

I have aslso installed NitoTV by

apt-get update

apt-get install com.nito.nitoTV

There is as a new xbmc build dated 24th December I might try  (link is in previous edit)

One  final thing , you might have to restore your hosts file if you used tiny umbrellla to back up your shsh blobs like I did.






9 thoughts on “Install xbmc on Apple TV 2

  1. Can anyone help I have re jailbroken my ATV2 so that it runs the latest apple firmware but I have lost the original iplayer installation!! I have tried your SSH tips above and get the following:

    Apple-TV:~ root# wget –2011-05-18 01:31:51–
    Connecting to||:80… connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
    Length: 2078389 (2.0M) [application/x-zip]
    Saving to: `’

    100%[======================================================>] 2,078,389 725K/s in 2.8s

    2011-05-18 01:31:54 (725 KB/s) – `’ saved [2078389/2078389]

    But I cannot find the file in XBMC and it is driving me crazy any help would be gratefully received!!!!

  2. Hi rob you need to change the directory to /var/mobile
    then run wget to download the zip

    the command is

    cd /var/mobile

    then wget http://link

    then open the /var/mobile dir in xbmc add ons section

    hope that helps


  3. Hi I just opened the link on my laptop & it looks like the site is down

    I’ll get the deb file off my Apple tv tommorow & post it here

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